As we know, Why is far more important than how and what.

Here is "why" we do "what" we do and "how" we do it!

You prefer quality over quantity. So do we. You choose excellence over mediocrity. So do we. We value people over profits. We choose living over surviving. We know you do too.

We’re humans on a mission to change the world we live in, one step at a time. And we begin here. With you. With providing you a delightful Zolo experience at an affordable price.

With technology, professionalism and intelligence as our tools, we build a relationship with you that you’ll never want to leave. For Zolo is not just a place where you can live, it’s where you’ll want to stay.

You are looking for a journey, not a day trip. We get it. That’s why you get a relationship at Zolo, not a one-night stand.

We provide end-to-end services, and our prices start from Rs.4999*

Hi-speed WiFi with your own dedicated 10GB connection which nobody else can use up
Tasty,homemade meals served twice a day, with love
House Keeping
Cleaning service for your rooms, bathrooms and shared areas
Every room has a wall-mounted TV set
RO Water
Purified drinking water to quench your thirst
Individual Cupboard
Every resident gets to keep their valuables under their lock and key
Spring mattresses
Forget bed bugs, for you get new spring mattresses
Attached bath
Each room has its own bathroom with branded fittings

Zolo awesomeness doesn't end here!

Want to know your options? Zolo has plenty.

Each Zolo property offers you multiple options - single and shared, premium and economy. Are you your favourite person? Try solo occupancy. Prefer having one-on-one conversations? Go double. Like making friends? Choose 3-sharing.

Don’t want to borrow hefty amounts to pay deposit? Cool.

When you shift in, you pay just ONE month’s rent (yes, you read that right - one, NOT TEN) as security deposit. This is because we know you’ll treat your Zolo space as your own, causing it no damage.

Concerned about your safety? So is Zolo.

You are assured of a secure environment thanks to Zolo’s professionalism - 24x7 security guard and CCTV surveillance. Residents in your co-living space are verified and more importantly, just like you! The world may not be a safe place, but Zolo surely is.

Want to do more with your time than clean and cook?

An average person spends 4 years of their life cooking and cleaning. But you are not average. You could instead take up a hobby, meet friends, try something new, learn something cool - basically just enjoy life. Because at Zolo, we provide two meals a day, everyday. Housekeeping, daily.