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About Bangalore

Bangalore is the capital city of Karnataka. It is one of India’s most developed and progressive city, blessed with amazing weather. It is located in southern India. It is rich in culture, heritage and vibrant with multiple languages and religions.

Now if you look back in the history of Bangalore. Bangalore was formerly termed as “Bengaluru’’. History says that this city was a settlement over a mud fort, built-in 1537, CE by a local chief Kempegowda. Bangalore was used to be the British administration from 1831 to 1881 when the raja was restored. Then it became the capital of a new state of Mysore.

This city is going to welcome with open hearts despite from which place you belong, or from which community you come from. Bangalore, a place where most renowned companies and startups are here. Due to which Large scale employment opportunities are there. That's why most of the migrants from other states come here in search of jobs. Due to its vast scope in employment opportunities, especially into the IT sector. It is one of the growing cities and known as “Silicon Valley of India” and “IT Hub” of India.

This city is famous for so many beautiful places Bangalore Palace, Lal Bagh, Bannerghatta National Park, Innovative Film City and many more. There are most renowned institutions in the city like the Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO), Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Indian Institute of Science (IISC), Indian Institute of Management (IIMB) and many more.

Bangalore is the second home for many non-localities.Especially people from North India and various parts of the country flock to this city in search of employment and they get settled down here because it has various options. Working professional they get settle down because of vast career opportunities, good connectivity to every part of the world. The facilities over here in terms of the most beautiful weather food, cost of living, transport are quite affordable. Basically, the basic amenities are available all over the city. Language won't is a barrier as the majority of people are from outside Bangalore. Here English and Hindi are commonly used, so it won't be a problem for new immigrants. You can find various options to plan out for your weekends, nearby tourist places are there, then for shopping cheap places are there where you can do shopping at affordable rates. Not only that, the Nightlife of Bangalore is the most amazing thing to enjoy. You can find good no pubs, good places to eat too.

So, in total this place is an overall package for a new entrant. If you are hunting for a new city to start a new journey. Then do check out Bangalore and have an enriching experience.

Overview Hostels in Bangalore

Bangalore is a cosmopolitan and multicultural city of India. Popularly known as the "IT hub of India", this city is home to a lot of students and working professionals. Although, this city offers a lot of accommodation facilities still there are people who prefer hostels as it is cheaper and affordable. There are some places where you can find hostels with all the basic facilities. There are hostels with professional staff who offer you extra amenities to provide you a hassle-free living experience.

Best areas to stay in a hostel in Bangalore

Bangalore is a hub for IT professionals, it has been for quite a while. The job opportunities in Bangalore attract thousands of professionals every year. Not only for IT professionals, but Hostels in Bangalore have also seen a significant rise. Some of the best hostels that offer all amenities in Bangalore are located in Manayata Tech Park, Koramangala, HSR, BTM and Sarjapur road.

Best Hostels in Bangalore for students

Hostels in Bangalore come in a wide range these days. You can customize your rooms, opt for meals on subscriptions and choose the type of accommodation you want, single sharing, double sharing or triple sharing. The best hostels in Bangalore offer all these options and more. Along with the regular amenities you can subscribe for house-cleaning, laundry etc. Here are some of the best hostels in Bangalore for students.

Affordable and cheap Hostels in Bangalore City

A lot of affordable hostels in Bangalore are located in selected few areas like Koramangala, HSR, BTM, Taverekere, and Ejipura. Each of these localities has its own advantages and these advantages come at a price. Hostels in Taverekere are affordable and provide all the amenities one needs. If you are looking for affordable hostels in Bangalore, Taverekere and BTM are the best choices. Here are some options

Hostels in Bangalore for working professionals

There was a time when living in a hostel in Bangalore meant living in a budget or adjusting your lifestyle. Hostels in Bangalore have evolved a lot in the past decade. Most hostels these days offer a unique and comfortable experience. Along with the basic amenities, like an individual bed, wardrobe, Wifi and DTH connection, hostels in Bangalore offer laundry services, house-cleaning and three times meal as well. If you are a working professional and looking for hostels in Bangalore with all the facilities check the below properties:

FAQs - About Booking a Hostels Accommodation in

Q. What’s the cost of staying in hostels in Bangalore?
A. If you are looking for the cheapest option then the price begins from Rs.4000. The cost of staying in hostels in Bangalore can vary on 3 major things:-
  • Locality
  • Amenities
  • Services
Q. How is hostel life in Bangalore?
A. Hostel life in Bangalore is a good experience, especially for those who never experienced the hostel life ever.
  • You will get all the amenities and electronic appliances.
  • The quality of food you get in the hostel is not good enough but at the same time in online platforms, you can have appetizing food.
  • The rooms you get in regular Hostels are not as tidy as you desire but if you try online platforms then you can find clean and tidy rooms.
Q. What is the best way to search for the Hostel Accommodation in Bangalore?
A. Hi, Searching for a PG or a single room in Bangalore is quite easy as compare to searching for Hostels in Bangalore you can try searching it on facebook groups, you can take the help of your colleagues or friends, you can try brokers or agents, you can also submit online real estate forums but if you are looking for the best way to search for hostel accommodation then try online platforms like Zolo you will get lots of options in different localities or based on your budget.
Q. What are some of the best hostels in Bangalore?
A. Hi, here’s a list of some of the best hostels located in Bangalore:-
Q. What are the facilities I will get in Zolo Hostels in Bangalore?
A. You will get plenty of facilities in Zolo Hostels in Bangalore:-
  • Good Quality Food
  • Tidy rooms
  • No-Brokerage and only 1-month deposit.
  • Fully furnished rooms.
Q. Does Zolo Bangalore Hostels have Air Condition (AC) in Room?
A. Yes, you will get Air Conditioner (AC) in Zolo rooms.
Q. What are the best hostels to stay in Bangalore at a low cost?
A. Here’s a list of best hostels to stay in Bangalore at cheap prices:-
Q. What are affordable areas in Bengaluru to stay on rent for students?
A. Here’s a list of affordable areas in Bengaluru to stay on rent for students:-
Q. What are the differences between College Hostels and Zolo Hostels?
A. There are many differences between College Hostels and Zolo Hostels:-
  • You will get neat and clean rooms.
  • The food you get in Zolo Hostels is definitely much better than College Hostels.
  • You will get fully furnished rooms with TV, AC, Microwave, Refrigerator, etc.
  • You will also get housekeeping services in Zolo Hostels.
Q. What are the best ladies/girls hostels in Bangalore?
A. Hi, here’s a list of some of the best ladies/girls hostels in Bangalore:-
Q. What are the best boys/gents hostels in Bangalore?
A. Here’s a list of some of the best boys/gents hostels in Bangalore:-
Q. Does Zolo hostels are only for students?
A. No, anyone who is looking for accommodation can stay in any Zolo property, whether it's a PG/Hostel/Single Room Occupancy.
Q. What are some Top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore?
A. Here’s the list of Top Engineering Colleges in Bangalore:-
Q. How are the hostels and mess facilities in Bangalore?
A. Hostels and mess facilities are almost similar in all the city tenants always complain about the quality of the food, but in Zolo, we have taken this problem seriously, and therefore in every Zolo Hostel you will get Homely food.
Q. Does outsiders are allowed in Zolo Hostels in Bangalore?
A. Yes, outsiders are allowed in Zolo Hostels in Bangalore but there are certain guidelines which you need to follow:-
  • Guests of opposite genders (except parents) are only allowed to visit in the Common area.
  • Guests can visit till 8 pm.
  • Please book your guest's stay via 'Raise a Concern' at least 7 days prior to their arrival.
  • Guests are allowed to stay overnight only after Zolo approves your request.
Q. What is the minimum time period to stay in Zolo Hostel?
A. Hi, the minimum time period to stay in Zolo Hostel is 30 days.
Q. What are the documents required for Zolo Hostels Accommodation in Bangalore?
A. Hi, unlike regular PGs where you need to carry documents but in Zolo Hostels, you need to complete the KYC through your mobile, Open Zolo App and click on KYC section and upload:-
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • 2 ID Proofs (Voter ID/Aadhaar Card/Driving License).

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