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Know Your City: Bangalore

Bangalore, the capital city of Karnataka, is green heaven located in the southern part of the state. With a population of over ten million, making it the third-most populous city in India and a bit expensive. Bangalore is located at an elevation of 900 m on the Deccan Plateau which is the highest among big Indian cities. The weather in Bangalore is mostly pleasant all around the year with the highest temperatures going up to 34 degrees in April and the lowest of 16 degrees in the month of December/January. The mornings and nights usually are very pleasant throughout the year, with temperatures going up in the afternoon. A constant breeze and a splatter of rains every now and then gives this city a cool feel all year round.

A mud-fort built by Kempe Gowda, a ruler of the Vijayanagara Dynasty, is considered to be the foundation of the modern Bangalore we know of today. Bangalore has seen many rulers and dynasties ruling and passing on the ownership over its long history. Bangalore has seen its administration being passed from the Mughals to the Kingdom of Mysore to the East India Company and finally becoming the state capital of Karnataka in the year 1956.

Known as the Garden city of India, Bangalore has a lot of parks and gardens sprawled all over the city. Overall, Bangalore always carries a green look. Lalbagh Botanical Park, Bannerghatta National Park, Cubbon Park, Freedom Park, are few of the famous parks around the city. This historic city also has more than Hindu 1000 temples, 400 Islamic mosques, 100 Christian churches, 40 Jain derasars, 3 Sikh gurdwaras, 2 Buddhist viharas and 1 Parsi fire temple giving the city it's multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and cosmopolitan character.

Bangalore is also known as the Silicon Valley of India for being the base of most of the big IT companies around the world. This provides an excellent opportunity for thousands of young students and professionals to make a career in this ever-growing city. Bangalore is home to many educational and research institutions and has one of the most highly educated workforces in the world. Bangalore is also the second fastest-growing major metropolis in India.

Overall, Bangalore is a city of opportunities. This city provides for the needs of everyone. With the weather being very pleasant throughout the year, Bangalore has become a preferred destination for many from all over India.

Things to do in Bangalore: Bangalore is a mixed bag. You'll find something for everyone here. With numerous lakes and parks around the city for the nature lovers, to various old monuments for the history buffs, Bangalore is a mixture of ethnic culture and modernization.

Bangalore Palace: Bangalore palace built-in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar, is inspired by the Windsor's castle in England. The Tudor-style architecture with fortified towers and arches, lush green lawns, and stunning woodcarvings gives it an English feel.

Tipu Sultan's Palace and Fort: Tipu Sultan's fort was originally built as a mud-fort by Chikkadeva Raya. Situated inside the Bangalore Fort area, this fort was later reconstructed in Indo-Islamic architecture by Hyder Ali. There is a Hindu temple in the courtyard giving proof of religious tolerance of Tipu Sultan.

About Room for rent in Bangalore

Bangalore city is a paradise for bachelors, there are so many options to explore and so many places to visit in Bangalore. However, in this crowded city, everybody craves for some privacy. A lot of people search for single-rooms in Bangalore which indeed are hard to find. The options are limited as either you have to rent a flat and occupy a single-room or stay in a PG and rent a full room instead of sharing rooms.

Best areas to find Single room rent in Bangalore

Not all areas in Bangalore are crowded, some are peaceful and offer individual flats in stand-alone properties. The flats offer single rooms you can occupy alone without sharing the amenities with others. Some of the best areas to find single room PG in Bangalore are Koramangala, Indiranagar, HSR, BTM, and Harlur.

Single room Sharing in Bangalore for students

Students who move to Bangalore for studies prefer single rooms with some privacy and all the amenities included. There are some good options for such people with all the basic amenities and shared luxurious amenities with food available on subscription. If you are one of those students who are looking for a single room in Bangalore, here are some good suggestions:

Single room in Bangalore for working-professionals

As work-professionals, most people spend their time surrounded by people. While it is always a good thing to have people around at work, at home, everyone needs their privacy. Bangalore has a lot of options for working professionals. Below are some of the best properties that offer Single room in Bangalore :

Affordable/Cheap Rental Room in Bangalore

It doesn't matter if you are a student or a working-professional, maintaining a monthly budget is always important. While privacy is equally important but privacy comes with a price. Most single rooms in Bangalore come at a high price. But, there are some places where you can find an affordable single room in Bangalore. Here are some good options for you :

FAQs - About Booking a Single Room Accommodation in

Q. How do I get a single room for rent in Bangalore?
A. You can simply search single room for rent in Bangalore on Google or to make it more convenient you can try Zolo App or Zolostays website and select the location or property based on your budget.
Q. How much is the rent per month for a single room in Bangalore?
A. Rent per month for a single room in Bangalore varies based on the locality, amenities and room type. Giving an exact amount is quite tough but for your reference, the price begins from Rs.5000.
Q. What is the best way to search for a single room in Bangalore?
A. For a hassle-free experience try Online Platforms like Zolostays to search single room occupancy in Bangalore.
Q. Which are the best areas to rent a single room in Bangalore?
A. Here’s a list of the best areas to look for Single room on rent in Bangalore:-
Q. What is the cheapest price I can get a one-room kitchen for rent in Bangalore?
A. The cheapest price for a one-room kitchen in Bangalore starts from Rs.4,500, the prices completely depend on the locality and the amenities you are getting in Property.
Q. What is the condition in Bangalore for renting single rooms for a couple stay?
A. There are following rules which needed to keep in mind:
  • If you are married then you can stay in the same room.
  • If not then you can stay in the same building but in different rooms.
Q. Where can I find a room on rent in Bangalore for Bachelors’s?
A. You will get plenty of options for buying a room on rent in Bangalore for bachelors but if you are looking for a hassle-free experience than you can try Zolo, we provide rooms on rent for bachelors in every major locality of Bangalore and you can book a room while sitting at your home.
Q. What are the documents required to rent single room occupancy in Bangalore?
A. All you need to do is open Zolostays App, go to KYC section, and upload passport size photograph & any 2 documents Aadhaar Card/Driving License/Voter ID Card. You are ready to move!
Q. Where can I find a single room near Koramangala, Bangalore?
A. Here’s a list of properties located in Koramangala where you can easily rent a single room:-
Q. Can I find a single room in Bangalore under 5,000?
A. Yes, you can find few options for a single room in Bangalore under Rs.5000:-
  • Zolo Yujo
Q. Do I need to pay Brokerage to book room on rent from Zolo?
A. No, we don’t charge any Brokerage charges.
Q. How Zolo single private rooms are different from Traditional Housing?
A. Things which make Zolo different from traditional housing:-
  • Zolo private rooms are available for both men and women.
  • No-Brokerage and Only 1-month Deposit.
  • Fully furnished rooms packed with amenities.
  • Available in every major locality of Bangalore.
Q. What are some best rooms to book near Manyata Tech Park Bangalore?
A. Here’s a list of some best rooms to book on rent near Manyata Tech Park Bangalore:-
  • Zolo Cronos
  • Zolo Acropolis
  • Zolo Nebula
  • Zolo Cosmos
Q. Can I book a single private room on rent from Zolostays?
A. Yes, you can book a single private room on rent from Zolostays.
Q. What are some good rooms for student near Christ University?
A. There are so many good options available near Christ University:-
Q. How to find single room for rent in Bangalore without deposit/advance?
A. Hi, finding a single room for rent in Bangalore without deposit/advance is not possible, the landlords here charge a certain amount of rent as a security deposit based on the locality and property. If you try with Online platforms they charge approx. 2-3 months of rent as an advance deposit, but in Zolostays you just need to pay 1 month’s rent as a security deposit. So it’s your time to make the smart choice.
Q. How is the life of tenant in Single room occupancy at Zolo?
A. TStaying with Zolo is an experience of living in a fully furnished Room without any hassle.
  • No Brokerage and only 1-month deposit.
  • Tenants can access the common area.
  • Alternate day housekeeping.
  • Tidy rooms packed with amenities.
Q. How to find unisex/couples rooms for rent in Bangalore?
A. You can try to search “unisex rooms for rent in Bangalore” or room on rent for couples in Bangalore on Google, else you can try Zolo app or Zolostays website and check unisex/couple rooms in Bangalore.
Q. What are the best properties available with a swimming pool, gym or clubhouse?
A. Here’s a list of best properties available with a swimming pool, gym or clubhouse:-
Q. What are the cheap/affordable areas to rent a room in Bangalore?
A. Here’s a list of cheap/affordable areas to rent a room in Bangalore:-
Q. How to find a single room for rent near me?
A. If you are looking for a single room on rent at your nearest location then simply search room on rent near me on Google or go to Zolo Website or Zolo App and click on “Near me” button just close to the search bar and it will automatically show the nearest properties available in your location.

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