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A home is a cherished memory that lasts forever. Zolo lets you celebrate and cherish, under the most comfortable PG In Bangalore where comfort is the key to a blissful life. Zolo provides such spaces with the best PG In Bangalore. PG is not just a room to give the shelter, young people carry dreams in their eyes when they come to another city to study or to earn their living. Leaving your home to follow the dreams is not easy and those who do hard work must get paid back for it, they too deserve the comfort and feel of a homely environment. With over 110+ properties in all the major areas of Bangalore, the residents can enjoy the most prominent services which include clean and furnished rooms, refrigerators, DTH services, hot water supply, WiFi, home-made food, trained & caring staff. Zolo the best PG in Bangalore takes care of your mood too, when on weekends you’ll miss the fun of being with your besties or family, we’ll cheer up your mood with online community events called Zo-Tribe.

We provide the best PG’s in Bangalore in the prime locations, need not worry about travel expenses and time management to commute to your workstation or educational institutes, Zolo helps you find the best PG’s in Bangalore with a premium location that helps you save your time to commute from long distances. Zolostays provides the most luxurious PG in Bangalore with all the basic amenities like hot water supply, homely food, also our PG staff is very friendly and welcoming, the premises are maintained, clean and tidy, always including bathrooms and all come with an affordable price range.

There are many ways of doing a PG hunt in Bangalore, you can reach out to brokers, social media contact, and many other sources but you will be asked to give brokerage or face transparency issues with the agreement or hygiene & food quality-related issue, etc. So, Without wasting your time you can simply input the required details on the Zolo app/website and book the best PG in Bangalore, you can specifically choose PG as per your comfort like Women PG, Boys PG, Co-living PG.

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FAQs - About Booking a PG in

Q. What is Paying Guest/PG and How does it work in Bangalore?
A. Paying Guest/PG is a lodger who rents accommodation and pays for facilities like food, WiFi, security, etc. provided by the owner. There are multiple ways through which you can rent a place in Bangalore:
  • Social media (Facebook)
  • Real estate agents/ Brokers
Q. How do I book for PG in Bangalore?
A. There are plenty of Gents, Ladies, Unisex PG in Bangalore but finding the right one is a task altogether, you can try Local PG’s but there will be hygiene issues, food will be a major problem. Apart from this, you can try brokers, yeah they will ask for brokerage or try your luck with a social media platform or you can go for rental website/app like Zolo
Q. What are some Luxury/Branded PG in Bangalore?
A. Below is the list of best Luxury / Posh PG in Bangalore:
Q. What are the Best PG in Bangalore?
A. Here is a list of Best Paying Guest in Bangalore:
Q. What are the best Unisex/Couples PG in Bangalore?
A. Below is the list of best Couples/Unisex PG accommodation in Bangalore:
Q. What are some affordable/cheap PG in Bangalore?
A. There are ample affordable Paying Guest in Bangalore but if you are looking for a hassle-free stay then I have a personalized list for you:
Q. What are the Best Ladies PG in Bangalore?
A. The one thing which everyone looks after before booking a women PG is security and below is the list of best ladies PG in Bangalore:
Q. What are the Best Gents PG in Bangalore?
A. Looking for impeccable gents PG accommodation and look for the list below and you will surely thank us later!
Q. What are the best options for Executive Paying Guests in Bangalore for working professionals?
A. Here is the list of Executive PG Accommodations in Bangalore:
Q. How is the life of a Paying Guest/PG in Bangalore?
A. If you are a person who likes everything served on a plate and hates doing daily chores then PG in Bangalore life is ideal for you. In PG everything is handy, on time food is served, daily housekeeping is available, pleasant environment and what else you need for a hassle-free life? For a wide range of Fully Furnished Accommodations, you can try Zolostays as well.
Q. How is the Paying Guest/PG facility in Bangalore?
A. If you are looking for decent accommodations then local PG in Bangalore are not for you, their prices are touching sky and no promises are being fulfilled. Whereas if you will rent accommodation through Zolo you will enjoy facilities like AC rooms, WiFi, DTH, zesty food, daily housekeeping, etc. Have a happy stay!
Q. How much does it cost to stay in a single occupancy PG in Bangalore?
A. There are all types of PG’s available in Bangalore, single sharing, double sharing, triple sharing even single private rooms in Bangalore. But if you are looking for affordable rental PG rooms that start @ 4500 then here is a customized list just for you:
Q. Which is good PG for men around Koramangala in Bangalore?
A. Here is a list of Gents PG’s in Koramangala, whose interior will blow your mind:
Q. What are the best and affordable localities for bachelors to find single sharing PG in Bangalore?
A. Bachelors free souls and always ready to party needs a place like that as well, below are some lit localities you guys need to check before shifting:
Q. What are the best and cheap localities for students to find single sharing PG in Bangalore?
A. Here is the list of PG in Bangalore for students
Q. What is the difference between PG/Paying Guest and Flat based rent system in Bangalore?
A. Following are the difference between PG and Flat based rent system:
  • In PG rent is inclusive of food, WiFi, Housekeeping, etc whereas in flats you only pay for the accommodation and else is Exclusive of rent.
  • There are no such deposits in PG’s, but in Flats, deposits and maintenance are likely to empty your pockets.
Q. What are the documents are required for Paying Guest Accommodation in Bangalore?
A. Basic documents are needed for verification purposes, your Adhar card/Pan card/driving license, Passport or any photo id proof.
Q. How is Zolo Accommodation is different from Local PG in Bangalore?
A. Zolo accommodations are far different from Local PG’s in a number of ways stated below:
  • You will get a clean and pleasant environment
  • Food won’t be an issue as we serve home-made food better than local PG’s you will get fully furnished rooms with DTH, WiFi, microwave, refrigerator, etc.
  • Daily housekeeping facilities are available at Zolo PG
  • Not just this we organize fun nights almost every weekend.
Q. Are women PG in Bangalore safe?
A. The safety of our residents is our prime most priority and for that, we have biometric security machines on every Zolo property in India.
Q. Is it possible to get a single room PG in Bangalore at low cost?
A. Yes, absolutely you can get a single sharing room with all the amenities in it that too just starting ₹5,000. If you are searching for this in Local PG’s then it's hard to get but browse ZoloStays and you will get your desired accommodation today.
Q. How much does a single room PG cost in Bangalore? Should I choose PG or rent?
A. Cost of a PG room in Bangalore depends upon three factors:
  • Locality
  • Services
  • Amenities
  • For a single sharing room PG rent starts @ 8000 inclusive of all the amenities and if you want to avail services like swimming pool, gym, spa then browse ZoloStays
Q. How much would be the cost of a single and double sharing girls PG room in Marathahalli Bangalore?
A. The cost starts at ₹5,500 inclusive of all the basic amenities, but it's wise not to choose local PG’s and instead try searching through social media, brokers or online Rental apps like ZoloStays.
Q. Where can I get a single bed/1-person room or PG near Manyata Tech Park Bangalore?
A. Here is the list of best PGs near Manyata Tech park in the respective locations:
Q. What are the Good localities to find single room PG in Bangalore?
A. Here is the list of best localities to find single room PG in Bangalore:
Q. Which is the best Paying Guest/PG in Electronic City Bangalore?
A. Below is the list of best PG’s in Electronic city:

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