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About Chennai

Chennai is the capital city of Tamil Nadu and is located on the Coromandel Coast off the Bay of Bengal. Chennai is well known as the biggest economic, cultural, and educational center of South India. It is the sixth most populous city in India, and also is among the most visited Indian cities by foreign tourists. Chennai also ranks as the safest city in India according to The Quality of Living Survey. Chennai has featured in many top publisher's lists of top cities in the world. Also nick-named as "The Detroit of India", Chennai is home to more than one-third of India's automobile industry. Chennai has a dry-summer tropical wet and dry climate with temperatures hovering around 35-40 degrees in summers and winters being a pleasant 19-25 degrees. Being a coastal city, Chennai is mostly humid throughout the year but there is a constant breeze making the evenings very pleasant.

Chennai has a rich history and has served as an important administrative, economic, and military center for many centuries. Chennai has seen its administration pass on from different dynasties over centuries. From Cholas, Pallavas, Vijayanagara empire over the medieval period to Portuguese, Dutch, French, and the East India Company in the later part. After India gained independence in 1947, Chennai was named the capital of Madras state which was renamed to Tamil Nadu in the year 1969.

Chennai has a coastline of 19+ Kms making it an ideal tourist destination as well as home to varied flora and fauna. The numerous zoos, wildlife parks, and beaches form the major recreation areas in Chennai. Guindy National Park, Madras Crocodile Bank, Anna Zoological Park, Marina Beach, Elliot Beach, are few of the places which give Chennai it's diverse nature. In addition to this, Chennai has numerous malls and amusement parks which keeps the resident of this city occupied.

Chennai has a varied economic base owing to the automobile, software services, hardware manufacturing, health care, and financial services industries. Nicknamed "The Detroit of India", Chennai is host to about 40 percent of India's Automobile Industry. BMW, Mitsubishi, Royal Enfield, Hyundai, Ashok Leyland, are few of the big names having their base in Chennai. Chennai also is the second-largest software exporter in Indian cities after Bangalore.

Chennai over the years has been a favorite city for tourists within the country and also for foreigners. Be it the Carnatic music, belief in tradition and culture, madness for movies, vibrant festivals, love for sports, a variety of delicious food, or just a plain coffee, Chennai gives you a very positive vibe wherever you go. With an opportunity for anyone who comes to this city, Chennai is one of the best cities in India to live in.

About Hostels in Chennai

Chennai, the capital city of Tamil Nadu is the biggest economic, cultural and economic center of South India. A city of opportunities for students and job seekers. However, in this city, everybody looks for a peaceful and secure living. Especially, bachelors and students prefer hostels and hostels more than flats. Hostels provide a good accommodation with all required facilities with food, tv, wifi, and security facilities to provide you a hassle-free living experience.

Best Areas to Stay in a Hostel in Chennai

Choosing the best place to live in Chennai depends on lots of factors like location, amenities, accessibility, etc. Considering all these factors, the best places to live in Chennai are Anna Nagar, Adyar, Teynampet, Velachery, Tambaram to name a few.

Best Areas for Students to find a Hostel in Chennai

Chennai has grown out of the traditional tag that it carried for so long and has now transformed into being one of the best cosmopolitan cities in India. Chennai welcomes everyone whether you come for studies or a job here, Chennai makes you feel at home. With numerous options for jobs and studies, Chennai has quickly become one of the top destinations for a good life in India. So, here was our list of the best areas in Chennai to live in East-Coast Road. Nungambakkam, Velachery, Adyar, Gopalapuram, OMR, Besant Nagar.

Hostels in Chennai for Ladies and Gents Working Professionals

Considering the number of people living in Chennai, the city has way too many hostels available for students as well as working professionals. While these options are easy to find and accessible to everyone, not all the Hostels in Chennai come with all the amenities. Based on the needs of working professionals, here are the best hotels in Chennai:

Affordable and Cheap Hostels in Chennai City

Compared to other big metropolitan cities, Chennai has a comparatively affordable cost of living. Your cost of living depends on various factors that decide how to have a comfortable life for yourself. Getting a house to stay, food expenses, city transportation, utility expenditure, entertainment expenses, all these factors decide your cost of living in any city.

FAQs - About Booking a Hostels Accommodation in

Q. What’s the cost of staying in hostels in Chennai?
A. Hi, the cost of staying in a Hostel in Chennai depends on major factors such as the location and amenities offered in the property. The average cost can cost you for a good hostel in Chennai can cost you approx. Rs.6,000.
Q. How is hostel life in Chennai?
A. Well having an experience of hostel life is always irreplaceable and if you are living in Chennai then you will experience these things:-
  • More and more South Indian Food.
  • Less number of malls.
  • Spending most of your time with roommates.
  • Watching your favorite TV series with your roommates.
Q. What is the best way to search for Hostel Accommodation in Chennai?
A. Hi, If you are looking for best ways to search for Hostel Accommodation in Chennai then do try these ways it will surely help you:-
  • You can try with Facebook Groups
  • You can also tell your friends or Colleagues maybe they knew some brokers or maybe they are having some vacancies in their hostels.
  • You can search “Hostels near me” or “Hostels in Chennai”
  • You can also try platforms like Zolostays for a hassle-free experience
Q. What are some of the best hostels in Chennai?
A. Hi, here’s a list of some of the best hostels available in Chennai:-
Q. What are the facilities I will get in Zolo Hostels in Chennai?
A. Here’s a list of some of the common facilities that you will get in every Zolo hostel in Chennai:-
  • Good Food
  • Clean Spaces
  • Housekeeping
  • No-Brokerage
  • 1-month Deposit
Q. Does Zolo Hostels have Air Condition (AC) in Room?
A. Yes, Zolo Hostels are available with AC rooms.
Q. What are the best hostels to stay in Chennai at a low cost?
A. Here’s a list of hostels to stay in Chennai at low cost:-
Q. What are affordable areas in Chennai to stay on rent for students?
A. Here’s a list of affordable areas in Chennai to stay on rent for students:-
Q. What are the differences between College Hostels and Zolo Hostels?
A. Hi, there are a number of major differences between College Hostels and Zolo Hostels:-
  • You will get Amazing food and a variety of other options in Zolo Hostels as compare to College Hostels.
  • Rooms are packed with amenities like Furniture, Electronic Appliances, WiFi, etc.
  • The rooms are clean and well-matched interiors.
  • Housekeeping facilities are available every alternate day
Q. What are the best ladies/girls hostels in Chennai?
A. Here’s a list of best ladies/girls hostels in Chennai:-
Q. What are the best boys/gents hostels in Chennai?
A. Here’s a list of best boys/gents hostels in Chennai:-
Q. Does Zolo hostels are only for students?
A. No, Zolo hostels are available for everyone.
Q. What are some Top Engineering Colleges in Chennai?
A. Here’s a list of the Top Engineering Colleges in Chennai:-
  • IIT Madras
  • CEG- College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University.
  • SSN College of Engineering (SSNCE)
  • Hindustan Institute of Technology and Science
  • SRM Institute of Science and Technology (SRM IST)
  • VELS University, Chennai
Q. How is the hostel and mess facility in Chennai?
A. Frankly, the hostel and mess facility in Chennai is as good as you will find in any other city here are some points which you need to take care before looking for a hostel in Chennai:-
  • If you are comfortable with South-Indian food than you will not face major issues but if the food is your concern then try with platforms like Zolo.
  • Ideally, you will not get many amenities in regular hostels but in online platforms, you can find hostels with Good amenities at affordable prices.
  • If hygiene is your concern then do try online platforms because in regular hostels you will not get the tidy rooms and washrooms.
Q. Does outsiders are allowed in Zolo Hostels in Chennai?
A. Yes, Outsiders are allowed in Zolo Hostels in Chennai but you need to take care of certain guidelines:-
  • Outsiders can only visit before 8 pm.
  • Outsiders of the opposite gender can only visit in the Common area.
  • Parents are allowed but you need to take permission 1 week prior.
Q. What is the minimum time period to stay in Zolo Hostel?
A. The minimum time period to stay in Zolo Hostels is 30 days.
Q. What are the documents required for Zolo Hostels Accommodation in Chennai?
A. Hi, to book Zolo Hostels in Chennai, all you need to do is download Zolo App and go to the KYC section, upload 1 passport size photo along with 2 ID proofs (Aadhaar Card/Voter ID Card/Driving License), it’s that simple.

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