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Hostels in Mumbai

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Hostels in Mumbai

Hunting for a Hostel in Mumbai for men & women (the city of dreams)? Well, there’s nothing better than Zolo! From beautifully designed spacious rooms to lip-smacking food, residents get it all in these incredible hostels in Mumbai. What better than having approachable and caring staff who assist you from whenever you need and help you with chores! To avail an experience of a lifetime, schedule a visit today!
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FAQs on Hostels in

Q. What’s the cost of staying in hostels in Mumbai?
A. If you are looking for the cheapest option then the price begins from ₹9,500 and it goes till ₹16,000. The cost of staying in hostels in Mumbai can vary on 3 major things:-
  • Locality
  • Amenities
  • Services
Q. How is hostel life in Mumbai?
A. Whether it is Mumbai or whether it’s Gurgaon living in a hostel Is completely a must-have experience.
  • Watching movies and TV series with roommates.
  • Eating PG food which is not a good feeling but in Zolo hostels, we have taken a step to serve homely food as per your preference.
  • Cleaning room on weekends but this is no more a hectic task anymore because in Zolo Hostels cleaning a room is totally on us with our alternate day housekeeping.
  • Hassle-free experience with our easy to use App and fully furnished hostels.
Q. What is the best way to search for Hostel Accommodation in Mumbai?
A. Hi, Searching for a PG or a single room in Mumbai is quite a big task due to the vice versa of pricing and apt location. To start seeking a hostel, you can begin with Google by typing “hostels near me” or “hostels on rent in Mumbai” based on the results you can select the best one for you. You can also try with Real Estate forums or Facebook Groups. If you are not having this much time to browse among so many pages or websites then, you can try with Zolo App or website as well to book the desired location in almost 10 major cities of India.
Q. What are some of the best hostels in Mumbai?
A. Hi, here’s a list of some of the best hostels located in Mumbai:-
Q. What are the facilities I will get in Zolo Hostels in Mumbai?
A. You will get plenty of facilities in Zolo Hostels in Mumbai:-
  • Good Quality Food
  • Tidy and Fully furnished rooms.
  • No-Brokerage and only a 1-month Deposit.
  • Free WiFi and Parking.
  • Tenants can book rooms or manage their stay by Zolo App.
Q. Does Zolo Mumbai Hostels have Air Condition (AC) in Room?
A. Yes, most of the rooms have Air Conditioner (AC) in Zolo rooms.
Q. What are affordable areas in Mumbai to stay on rent for students?
A. Here’s a list of affordable areas in Mumbai to stay on rent for students:-
Q. What are the differences between College Hostels and Zolo Hostels?
A. Hi, the difference between College Hostels and Zolo Hostels is like comparing 90’s with 21st century:-
  • Tidy rooms.
  • We know that the food is the biggest concern for everyone who is staying in hostels and at Zolo, we have taken a step to serve the homely food as per your preference.
  • Fully furnished rooms with TV, AC, Microwave, Refrigerator, etc.
  • Cleaning a room was never an easier task, but in Zolo Hostels cleaning a room is completely on us and we made it easier for you with alternate day housekeeping.
Q. Does Zolo hostels are only for students?
A. No, anyone who is looking for accommodation can stay in any Zolo property, whether it's a PG/Hostel/Single Room Occupancy.
Q. How are the hostels and mess facilities in Mumbai?
A. Hostel and mess facilities are not that good as you desire especially food, hygiene, services, etc. But in Zolo hostels, you will get good quality food based on your preference or the menu. You will get fully furnished rooms with matched interiors. You will also get services like housekeeping, free WiFi and Parking, No Brokerage and only 1-month Deposit.
Q. Does outsiders are allowed in Zolo Hostels in Mumbai?
A. Yes, outsiders are allowed in Zolo Hostels in Mumbai but there are certain guidelines which you need to follow:-
  • Guests of opposite genders (except parents) are only allowed to visit in the Common area.
  • Guests can visit till 8 pm.
  • Please book your guest's stay via 'Raise a Concern' at least 7 days prior to their arrival.
  • Guests are allowed to stay overnight only after Zolo approves your request.
Q. What is the minimum time period to stay in Zolo Hostel?
A. Hi, the minimum time period to stay in Zolo Hostel is 30 days.
Q. What are the documents required for Zolo Hostels Accommodation in Mumbai?
A. Hi, the documents you need to rent a Zolo hostel in Mumbai are:-
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph
  • 2 ID Proofs (Voter ID/Aadhaar Card/Driving License).

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