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Rules & Regulations


  • No customer would be allowed to onboard without the complete payment of the License Fee and the RLSA and KYC process completion.

  • In case someone is not able to pay the amount in full they have to pay at least the RLSA wherein the balance License Fee has to be paid within 48 hours, subject to approval from the Central Support Team of Zolostays.


  • Guests of the opposite gender are allowed to visit only in the common areas and not inside the room or flat.

  • Residents would need to take an approval from the Central Support of Zolostays for booking a guest stay and make necessary payments for guests’ overnight stay depending on the duration of stay.


  • Your monthly License Fee is accepted via the Zolo mobile application and website only. Please be informed that cash is not an acceptable mode of payment and any payments made via this mode shall not absolve you of your liability to pay the License Fee.

  • For your first month of stay, License Fee has to be paid before check-in. For every subsequent month, License Fee has to be paid by the 7 th of each month, in advance.

  • If the License Fee payment is delayed, the following penalty amounts will be applicable:

    • From the 8 th to the 10 th day of the month, a penalty of 500/day shall be imposed

    • If the License Fee remains unpaid even until the 10th day of the month, you shall be liable for immediate eviction. Complete forfeiture of deposit amount and legal action may follow, if required.

  • We have made a promise to pay our dues to service providers who ensure a comfortable stay for you. To keep that promise, we need you to make timely payments.


  • All refunds are made online, no cash refunds are possible

  • Your security deposit is fully refundable subject to:

    • Clearance of dues

    • Payment of Exit Fees

    • Return of items issues at the time of onboarding

    • No damages caused

    • Completion of 30 days notice period

    • Timely payments

  • In case you have made an excess payment, it will be refunded along with the RLSA.

  • Refunds would be processed within 5-7 working days post exit from the property, provided you have submitted your bank account details correctly and completely.


  • A cancellation or extension request can be raised on the Zolo mobile application, if desired.

  • Acceptance of cancellation or extension is subject to availability and the clearance of pending dues.

  • Please submit your cancellation request/extension request at least 4 days in advance of your original exit date.

  • A Notice once extended cannot be reversed back to the original date.

  • An excess of 25% would be charged during the notice extension period.

  • The minimum duration that one can extend the Notice for is five days.


  • Each customer would have to pay a one-time pre-booking fee of 1000/-, which is a non-refundable.

  • Payment of booking charges means the customer has confirmed his stay with us on the said date of joining and it is assured that the person will be allocated a bed at the time of joining.

  • There will be no refund if the customer cancels the booking/fails to move in on his mentioned date of joining.


  • Meals are subject to availability at each property. Please check at the time of booking whether meals are provided at your property or not.

  • Food charges can be part of the License Fee or it can be incremental to License Fee if it is on a subscription basis. Please refer to to get the details about it for the property you belong to.


  • Electricity charges can be covered as a part of the License Fee or it can be incremental to the License Fee. Please refer to to get the details about it for the property you belong to.

  • In case if the electricity charges are to be borne by the residents, these charges will be passed on to residents by following method

    • Electricity meter readings will be taken latest by the 28 th day of the month.

    • Based on meter previous meter readings taken, electricity unit consumptions will be calculated for the said period

    • Based on the number of units consumed, appropriate per unit charge (as per electricity distribution company’s calculator) for that usage slab in INR will be used to calculate the electricity charges for the respective meter.

    • Electric charge for the meter will be distributed among the residents covered by it in proportion to their number of days stay in the month, as per joining date. Electricity charges for two residents in a flat/room can differ if their number of days stay is different.

    • In case if a customer is exiting from the property in the middle of the month, the average per day bill for the customer for the previous month will be used to calculate the pro-rata electricity charges for days post last billing date.

  • We do not use/share original electricity bills for splitting/charging electricity to customers because

    • The meter reading dates are different for different meters in the same property, so the bills cannot be properly split and allocated to all the customers at one go.

    • There are frequent discrepancies in the meter readings calculated by electricity boards. We do not want our customers to be adversely affected by it.

    • The electricity bill is generated with almost a month’s delay from the electricity distribution company. It is very likely that by that time some of the customers who have used the accounted electricity can exit the property putting their burden on other residents left behind. We don’t want our customers to suffer because of free-riding of a few individuals.


Above mentioned “Rules and Regulations for the Residents” are subject to change with time and circumstances. The residents will be informed about changes in “Rules and Regulations” through appropriate communication channels and our website .

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