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Know Your City: Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the capital of Telangana located in Southern India, situated on the banks of the Musi River and the Deccan Plateau occupying 650 square km. Hyderabad is known for "Hyderabadi Biryani" and some of the tastiest biryani recipes are cooked inside the city. It is also known as the land of Nizams due to centuries of rule by the Nizams of the Mughal Empire.

Hyderabad was officially established in the year 1591 by the rulers of the Qutb Shahi dynasty to avoid the water shortage experienced in the region comprising modern Hyderabad and its surroundings known as Golkonda. The population of Hyderabad according to the 2011 census is about 6.9 million which makes it the fourth-most populous city in India. A city with a rich history and tradition, much of Hyderabad is situated on hilly terrains around artificial lakes.

Other than Bangalore and Chennai, Hyderabad is now also competing for the crown of India's IT capital; Microsoft and Google have their India headquarters here.

During the 19th Century, Hyderabad was known as the "City of Pearls" due to its Pearl Business and the only diamond trading center in the world.

Referred to as Hyderabadi, the occupants of Hyderabad are predominantly Telugu and Urdu talking individuals, with minority Bengali, Gujarati (counting Memon), Kannada (counting Nawayathi), Malayalam, Marathi, Marwari, Odia, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, and Uttar Pradesh people group. Hyderabad is home to the unique dialect of URDU called Hyderabadi Urdu, which is a kind of Dakini and is the primary language of most Hyderabadi Muslims.

Hyderabad is known for music and dance forms like Kuchipudi and Bharatanatyam. There’s so much to explore in the old Hyderabad along with Chaar Minar, Golconda Fort, Ramaji City and many more. For foodies, this place is perfect to taste flavorsome food and for those who love to explore the history, it is one of the best city to dig and unfold the ancient secrets.

About Room for rent in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is the city of dreams for students and working professionals due to the speedy growth in the IT sector of the city. Every year lots of students and working professionals move to this city and the first thing they need is accommodation. Finding a Single Room for rent in Hyderabad with amenities like Food, TV, WiFi, etc.

However, if you are looking to save some money then there are some PG's which offer you decent food. Coliving spaces are the best option for those who don't want to stay in the Single Room or Private Sharing PG's or Hostels in Hyderabad.

Best areas to find Single Room on rent in Hyderabad

Hyderabad the city of Nawabs has many popular localities and areas to live. For working professionals, areas like Gachibowli, Madhapur, Kondapur & Financial District are suitable. So if you are looking for work-life balance then these areas are perfect and have the presence of many tech companies.

Best Room for rent in Hyderabad for Bachelors

Finding an affordable Single Room for rent is not that easy and if you are planning to rent a fully furnished room with amenities like food, wifi, power backup can cost much higher. In such a case, people are often left perplexed. Below are some options that would not be heavy on your pockets :

Best Single Room in Hyderabad for Working Professionals

Hyderabad has always been known for its IT parks and MNC companies. When an individual moves to Hyderabad, the first thought he has in his mind is about finding a Single Room for rent in Hyderabad they can stay in for a few months before deciding to change places. For such professionals, here are some of the best Single Rooms for rent in Hyderabad:

Affordable and Cheap Single Room on Rent in Hyderabad.

A lot of affordable Single Rooms for rent in Hyderabad are located in selected few areas. Based on the locality and area the rental prices varies and For someone keen on saving money, it could be difficult to decide which PG or Hostel they should choose as per their preference. For them, we are here to help you with the most affordable Single Sharing PG's in Hyderabad.

FAQs - About Booking a Single Room Accommodation in

Q. How do I get a single room for rent in Hyderabad?
A. You can use any of the listed platforms for your search:
  • Social Media [Facebook, Market place]
  • Local PG’s
  • Brokers
  • Google play store
  • IOS app Store
  • Real estate forum
  • Rental Apps ZoloStays
Q. How much is the rent per month for a single room in Hyderabad?
A. The rent for a single room starts @ 7000 and keeps on increasing to 13000 depending on the property you choose and the amenities you are seeking for.
Q. What is the best way to search for a single room in Hyderabad?
A. There are multiple ways through which you can do this, few of them are listed below:
  • Broker
  • Social media
  • Google play store
  • IOs app store
  • Rental apps like ZoloStays
Q. Which are the Best areas to rent single room in Hyderabad?
A. Here’s a list of the best areas to look for Single room on rent in Hyderabad:-
Q. What is the condition in Hyderabad for renting single rooms for a couple stay?
A. There are following rules which needed to keep in mind:
  • If you are married then you can stay in the same room.
  • If not then you can stay in the same building but in different rooms.
Q. Where can I find a room on rent in Hyderabad for Bachelors?
A. Freedom and security are always two major concerns of bachelors, you can easily find a single room in Hyderabad. For your reference few of them are listed below:
Q. What are the documents required to rent single room occupancy in Hyderabad?
A. Below are the set of documents that you will for verification and registration purpose:
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph.
  • Any 2 ID Proofs (Aaadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License).
  • Some landlords also ask for Electricity Bill.
  • In some places, KYC formalities are also being done
Q. Do I need to pay Brokerage to book room on rent from Zolo?
A. No, we don’t charge any Brokerage charges.
Q. How Zolo single private rooms are different from Traditional Housing?
A. Living in Zolo is altogether a new experience where you will breakthrough your sloppy mundane life.
  • Zolo properties are exclusively designed for both men and women.
  • No-Brokerage tension and Only 1-month Deposit.
  • Fully furnished rooms along with a pleasant environment.
  • Free WiFi and Parking space in all the major properties.
  • Home-made food is inclusive of rent
  • Easily manage or book your stay using Mobile.
Q. Can I book a single private room on rent from Zolostays?
A. Yes, you can easily book a single room from ZoloStays. You can use two ways for this:
  • Using the Zolo App
Q. How to find a single room for rent in Coimbatore without deposit/advance?
A. It's almost impossible to find a single room with a security deposit, else what you can do is you can book using Zolo and pay only 1-month deposit. If you will approach a place using broker then you will pay brokerage and at least 2-3 months deposit, through social media the story is the same. So choose wisely guys.
Q. How is the life of tenant in Single room occupancy at Zolo?
A. Zolo focuses on providing homes to its residents rather than just accommodation.
  • Daily housekeeping, so no more hassle for cleaning the room.
  • Tidy rooms packed with all the amenities one can wish for.
  • No more boring and traditional rooms.
  • Watching movies and TV series with Roommates.
  • Having fun on weekends with friends.
  • Tenants can also enjoy the recreation area.
Q. How to find unisex/couples rooms for rent in Hyderabad?
A. One can easily search “unisex PG for rent in Hyderabad” or “room on rent for couples in Hyderabad” this on Google, else you can try Rental Apps like ZoloStays. You can even try brokers or market place.
Q. What are the cheap/affordable areas to rent a room in Hyderabad?
A. Here’s a list of cheap/affordable areas to rent a room in Hyderabad:-
  • Gowlidoddy
  • Financial District
  • Madhapur
  • KPHB
Q. How to find a single room for rent near me?
A. Following are the ways through which you can find a single room for rent easily:
  • Browse Google using keywords “room for rent near me”
  • Broker
  • Social media [Market place]
  • Google play store
  • IOS app store

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