Booking Process & Onboarding

  • How can I book my accommodation with Zolo?

When you’re at Zolo, your booking is just a click away! 

You can book your stay through the website as well as the Zolo App by following the below-stated steps:

  • You can browse through the properties and the amenities online using the App/Website(ZoloStays).
  • Nothing is better than real experience and therefore, we at Zolo, offer scheduled visits before/after the booking is done. 
  • Once you have finalized the property of your choice, you can send us a Booking Request with a token amount. Please note that this amount is non-adjustable in the rent or deposit.
  • Once the request is placed, you will get a bed allocation confirmation 3 days prior to your move-in date.
  • You can cancel your booking in case of an issue. And, if your bed is not confirmed your amount will be refunded. However, this may not be the case if you have already received the booking confirmation.