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  • Can I bring my guests to Zolo?

To maintain a homely environment few policies are implied by Zolo.

For a resident’s safety and security reasons, Zolo has a few rules and regulations and among them are Visitors Hosting Policies.

  • Opposite gender guests (except parents) are only allowed to visit you in the activity area.
  • Zolo properties host a guest until 8 PM ONLY.
  • Before the arrival of your guests, ‘raise a concern’ at least 7 days prior to the visit and only after Zolo approves your request your guest can stay overnight.
  • If your guest is staying overnight, then you have to make payments accordingly:-
  • Up to 7 days: Rs 500/- per day per person
  • Exceeding 7 days: Entire month’s rent and security deposit
  • The costs may vary according to the Zolo property you are staying
  • Lastly, you are liable to your guest's conducts and payments.