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About Gurgaon

Gurgaon, now officially named Gurugram is one of the major satellite cities of Delhi and also is a part of the National Capital Region of India. Located near the Delhi-Haryana border, Gurgaon lies about 30 kilometers southwest of the national capital New Delhi. The name of Gurgaon changed to Gurugram in 2016 to preserve the rich heritage of the city owing to its historical association with Guru Dronacharya, the guru of Pandavas and Kauravas according to the Hindu mythology of Mahabharata. Gurgaon has a population of 876,900 according to the 2011 census. The weather in Gurgaon is mostly a dry-winter humid subtropical climate. the temperatures in summers can hover around 30-43 degrees and can dip to 3-12 degrees in winters.

The history of Gurgaon goes way back to the Vedic era. Yadu tribes were part of the Kuru kingdom and their descendants are today's Yadav community, based mostly in the state of Haryana. This city has been a part of the Maurya empire too as well as the Mughal empire owing to its proximity to Delhi. During the British colonial era, civil lines and a cavalry cantonment were established in Gurgaon.

Fast forward to now, Gurgaon has become one of the leading financial and industrial hubs in the country. Gurgaon has the third-highest per capita income in India. The growth of Gurgaon started in the 1970s when Maruti Suzuki India Limited established its manufacturing plant here and since then Gurgaon has seen enormous growth. At present, Gurgaon is host to more than 250 Fortune 500 companies. Gurgaon now is recognized in the country for its many notable skyscrapers. It offers many buildings which are an architectural marvel from different time periods. There are around 1100 residential high rise buildings in Gurgaon.

Owing to its close proximity to Delhi, Gurgaon is host to half of the Fortune 500 companies in India. Major brands having their headquarters in Gurgaon are GE Electric, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, BMW, Hyundai, etc. Gurgaon is also host to many IT software outsourcing companies as well as many call centers.

The retail sector is an important industry in Gurgaon with as many as 26 shopping malls. Real estate also plays a major role in boosting Gurgaon's economy with the city being home to some of the nation's most valuable assets. Gurgaon is a planned city with 36 wards and each ward divided further into blocks. Hindi is the main language spoken in Gurgaon with English, Haryanvi, and Punjabi being the other popular languages.

Gurgaon has many places for recreational activities with the many shopping malls being a favorite among the residents. There are also a few water adventure parks where the residents beat the heat in summers. Damdama lake, Sultanpur bird sanctuary, Farrukh Nagar Fort, Sheetla Mata Mandir, Heritage transport museum, Museum of Folk and Tribal Art, are few of the must-visit places in and around Gurgaon.

About PG in Gurgaon

Gurgaon is the leading financial and industrial hub of India. Due to its vast advancement in various sectors and with the increasing no of job opportunities, thousands of students and working professionals flock to Gurgaon every year. In Gurgaon, there are pgs that provide accommodation with basic facilities such as Wifi, Dth, food, etc. So, staying in a sharing pg is no more hectic rather it has become more convenient

Best Areas to Stay in a PG in Gurgaon

Gurgaon has many good localities, some are known for their commercial appeal, some are core residential areas. Selecting an area depends on your workplace, areas of convenience and many more. If you are working in DLF Phase 3, then you would get a lot of good options for PG accommodation in that area. Other popular localities are Sector 18, Sector 22, Sector 38, Sector 49, and Sector 46.

Best Areas for students to stay as a Paying Guest in Gurugram

Most students prefer spacious and budget-friendly accommodation for their living. For students, staying nearby to the college areas will be a good option as it will be more convenient for you. Some of the areas like Sector 18, sector, 22, and Sector 49 where you can find pgs based on sharing basis. Don't worry we present you with the list of best areas in Gurgaon which are convenient for students.

Best Areas for Working professionals to staying as a Paying Guest in Gurgaon

For working professionals commuting to workplaces is a major concern. So, they really look for pgs that are nearby to the workplace so that it will become easy for them to commute. Well, there are some localities like Dlf phase 3 is best for working professionals as most tech companies are here.

Best PGs in Gurgaon that provides food

Now all the pgs provide food with accommodation. But when it comes to quality food is a major concern for all working professionals and students. So need not to worry here is the list of best pgs which not provide healthy food within a minimal budget.

Most luxurious PGs in Gurgaon Under ₹10,000

With the evolving trend, pgs are no more meant for staying in a budget and adjusting your lifestyle. Paying guest accommodation has evolved a lot in the past decade. There are single sharing PGs which give you premium facilities and give you a luxurious lifestyle to enjoy.

Most affordable PGs in Gurgaon

Not everyone's priority is to stay in a luxurious pg rather stay in a pg which won't cost heavy to their pockets with basic facilities. So, students and working professionals look at pgs which would be quite affordable to stay. We are here to guide you with the most affordable pgs in Gurgaon.

Best Couple PG in Gurgaon

Couples find it hard to imagine living in a PG, especially in a new city. But now everything has changed. In Gurgaon, couples can now opt for full rooms in a PG in Gurgaon. With all the basic and extra amenities, we have a list of paying guest which are best for couples to stay in Gurgaon.

FAQs - About Booking a PG Accommodation in

Q. What is Paying Guest and does it work in Gurgaon?
A. PG is a place where you get facilities like AC rooms, WiFi, DTH, Home-made food, dailyhousekeeping, power backup, etc all the amenities are inclusive of your rent. Yes, you will get ample options based on your budget and locality.
Q. How do I look for paying guest accommodations in Gurgaon?
A. There are various ways to search for your happy and comfortable place, top are listed below:
  • Social media {facebook, market place}
  • Local PG’s
  • Brokers
  • Google Playstore
  • IOS App
  • Real estate forum
  • Rental apps [ZoloStays]
Q. How is the life of a Paying Guest in Gurgaon?
A. Paying Guest is a lodger who rents accommodation and pays for facilities like food, WiFi, security, etc. provided by the owner. PGs lets you live a comfortable life where everything is taken care of by the caretakers. In your spare time, you can have fun with your friends.
Q. How is the Paying Guest (PG) facility in Gurgaon?
A. Here you can avail facilities like:
  • Fully furnished AC rooms
  • Washing Machine, RO, Fridge
  • Daily housekeeping
  • WiFi, TV
  • Club House
  • Lift
  • Lip-smacking Food
  • Parking Space
Q. What are some Luxury/Branded PGs in Gurgaon?
A. Below is the list of branded PGs in Gurgaon:
Q. How much does it cost to stay in a PG in Gurgaon?
A. Cost of staying in a pg in Gurgaon depends on three factors, stated below:. All the above criteria can get fulfilled in INR 6500 only.
  • Locality
  • Amenities
  • Services
Q. What is the difference between PG(Paying Guest) and Flat based rent system in Gurgaon?
A. Here’s a list of some difference between PG and Flat based rent system:-
  • In flats, you need to pay a high deposit plus maintenance with monthly rent
  • In PG you just need to pay monthly rent a basic deposit amount.
  • In flats, the rent is exclusive of food, housekeeping, WiFi, electricity
  • In PG everything is inclusive of rent
Q. What are the documents required for Paying Guest Accommodation in Gurgaon?
A. Documents required are listed below:
  • Adhar card/ Pan Card/ Driving license [for identity proof]
  • KYC formality
Q. What are the Best paying guest (PG) accommodation in Gurgaon?
A. Here is the list of best PG accommodation in Gurgaon:
Q. How is Zolo Accommodation is different from Local PG’s in Gurgaon?
A. Zolo aims for happy residents whereas Local PG circles around offering rental spaces.
  • You will get clean and tidy rooms
  • Home-made food is inclusive of rent with the facility to cook for yourself
  • Here you can avail amenities like AC rooms, DTH, WiFi, microwave, refrigerator, parking space, RO, etc.
  • Daily housekeeping is available
Q. Are women PGs in Gurgaon safe?
A. Security is a prime concern and Zolo keeps a note of it, in every Zolo property you will get 24X7 security with biometric impressions. For further reference check out ZoloStays.
Q. What are the best unisex PG accommodation in Gurgaon?
A. If you are interested in trying Co-living, then shift to one of the best unisex PG accommodation in Gurgaon stated below:
Q. What are some affordable/Cheap PG accommodation in Gurgaon?
A. If you are seeking for affordable PGs then the below-created list is just for you:
Q. What are the Best Ladies PG Accommodation in Gurgaon?
A. Best ladies accommodation in Gurgaon are listed below:
Q. What are the best options for luxury paying guests for working professionals in Gurgaon?
A. Below is the listed best luxury PG options for working professionals:
Q. Is it possible to get a single room paying guests in Gurgaon within 8,000 rupees?
A. Yes, you can easily get a single room inclusive of all the facilities in Rs.8000, the rent will be inclusive of the following amenities:
  • AC Rooms
  • WiFi
  • DTH
  • Housekeeping
  • Biometric Security and many more
Q. How much does a single room PG cost in Gurgaon? Should I choose PG or rent?
A. In PG cost of the room depends upon the property and the locality you are seeking it into. The rent starts @8000 for a single sharing room and goes up depending upon the facilities provided by the PG. This rent includes all the basic amenities but if you wish to avail services like swimming pool, spa, gym, etc then browse ZoloStays.
Q. What are the Best Gents PG Accommodation in Gurgaon?
A. Looking for a comfortable stay then below is the list of best PGs for gents in Gurgaon:
Q. How much would be the cost of a single and double sharing girls paying guest room in Gurgaon
A. In Sector 38 you will easily find PG’s starting @6500 for double sharing and @7500 forsingle sharing. There are a wide range of PGs in this area if you want you can try Local PG’s, brokers, real estate Forum, social media or rental apps like ZoloStays.
Q. What are the Good localities to find PG in Gurgaon?
A. Craving for solitude? Then below listed localities are a right catch for you:
Q. Which is the best pg in DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon?
A. DLF Phase 3, Gurgaon has a wide range of PGs and some of them are listed down:
Q. What are the best and affordable localities for bachelors to find PG in Gurgaon?
A. Exclusively for you, here is the list of affordable localities for bachelors in Gurgaon:

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