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About Noida

Noida is a well-planned city and a part of the National Delhi Capital Region of India. It was ranked as the best city in Uttar Pradesh. Noida is one of the planned cities of India with all the modern infrastructures and best in class amenities. The city is also known for its greenery, wider and excellent roads.

Noida came as an administrative existence in 1976 by Sanjay Gandhi. It has the highest per capita income in the NCR Region. It is one of the richest civic bodies and special economic zone in the country. The climate of Noida is similar to Delhi, which goes into an extreme. Summer starts from March, monsoon starts from mid- June to mid- September and the Winter, from the Himalayan region, will give you chilling experience in Noida. Being a part of the state legislative seat this city shares its borders with Delhi, due to which most of the migrants flock to Noida.

Since the past few years, Noida has seen a rapid growth in infrastructure and development which contributes towards the growth and development of the economy. It is considered as the IT hub of North India. It has the presence of various multinational companies and industries in various sectors. Noida has its major focus is on software, IT and manufacturing and therefore it is one of the largest BPO exporters in the world. Some of the renowned companies whose presence is over here are HCL, Dell, IBM, Samsung, etc.

Noida has some beautiful greenery parks, good no of shopping malls and other places for entertainment. Some of the famous tourist places are Noida Film City, World of wonder Park, Water Park, Shri Jama Masjid, etc. It has good no of educational institutions like Amity University, FDDI, EDCIL, etc. There are good no of shopping malls, theatres to entertain you in this city.

Well, Noida is a well-planned city with all modern facilities which gives you a high quality of life and give you a seamless experience.

About PG in Noida

In Noida for a decent living at affordable prices, you have a lot many options. You can go for good PG’s or flats at affordable rates for a decent living. If you are planning for a flat, easily you will get around 10 k and then rest all your food, travel, and miscellaneous expenses will be easily done within 5-6 k. If you are a bachelor, staying in PG will be a good option as it will save a lot of pocket money.

Best Areas to Stay in a PG in Noida

Noida is not only one of the fastest-growing cities, commercially, but is also known as one of the most livable cities in India. If you are planning to move to a city with all the amenities these are some of the best areas to stay in a PG in Noida Sector 62, Sector 137, Sector 44, Sector 71-74 to name a few.

Best Areas for Students to stay as a PG/Hostels in Noida

Most PGs that are in demand get full within days and find it difficult to deliver on their promises. That’s when the concept of co-living proves to be resourceful for the expats and helps them settle down without spending a lot of money. Here are some of the best well-managed posh PGs/Hostels in Noida:

Most luxurious PGs in Noida for a comfortable stay

Gone are the days when pgs used to provide only basic amenities. With the introduction of co-living culture, even Pgs have evolved. Working professionals prefer a comfortable stay where they can relax after their working hours. Pgs nowadays provide aIl the luxurious amenities including gym, clubhouse access, and swimming pools. If you are looking for luxurious Pgs in Noida, the below options would be perfect for you.

PGs in Noida with Food Availabilty

While living away from home, food is a major factor that decides your monthly budget. Students mostly prefer accommodations that include food subscriptions. Most Paying guests in Noida provide food on a daily basis. However, the quality of food in these Pgs are questionable. For people who are looking for delicious homely food in Noida, here are some good Pg options :

Best Areas for Working professionals to staying as a Paying Guest In Noida

Be it students or working professionals who are looking for a PG in Noida, the city has something to offer to everyone. While students look for cheaper options with all the amenities, working-professionals look for a more comfortable stay and luxurious PGs. If you are working in Noida, here are some really good options for paying guests.

Most affordable PGs in Noida Under ₹5,000

Students are more concerned with the budget they spend on accommodation. For such people an affordable PG that includes all amenities like Wifi, Tv, washing machine, bed, wardrobe, and food is a perfect choice. If you are looking for the most affordable Pgs in Noida, you’d find the below options very helpful :

FAQs - About Booking a PG Accommodation in

Q. What is Paying Guest and does it work in Noida?
A. Noida PGs offer you ample services like AC rooms, DTH, RO, washing machine, fridge, security, etc. Yes, Noida is full of migrants and for that, it has PG in all the major sectors of Noida.
Q. How do I look for paying guest accommodations in Noida?
A. There are plenty of PG accommodations but finding the right one is a task altogether, but you can try the list given below:
  • Social media {facebook, market place}
  • Local PG’s
  • Brokers
  • Google Playstore
  • IOS App
  • Real estate forum
  • Rental apps
Q. How is the life of a Paying Guest in Noida?
A. Paying Guest life is comfortable and laid-back as you can enjoy when you are free because most of the work is done by caretakers.
  • Offering all the basic amenities and food you can also cook for yourself.
  • With everything by your side, you can share a room with your friends or can stay alone.
  • Life in PG is good if you somehow learn how to adjust to people around you.
Q. How is the Paying Guest (PG) facility in Noida?
A. The amenities you will get in PG are as follows:
  • Fully furnished AC rooms
  • Daily housekeeping
  • WiFi, TV
  • Lip-smacking Food
  • Fridge
  • Lift
  • Lunch Box
  • Washing Machine
Q. What are some Luxury/Branded PGs in Noida?
A. Below is the list of best luxury/ branded PG’s in Noida:
Q. How much does it cost to stay in a PG in Noida?
A. Cost of stay depends on various factors-- Locality you want to reside in, property and the amenities you want. Generally, rent starts @ 4000/ per person. This price is inclusive of allthe amenities ranging from AC rooms to parking spaces.
Q. What is the difference between PG (Paying Guest) and Flat based rent system in Noida?
A. Following are the difference between PG and Flat based rent system:
  • In PG rent is inclusive of food, WiFi, Housekeeping, etc whereas in flats you only pay for the accommodation and else is Exclusive of rent.
  • There are no such deposits in PG’s, but in Flats, deposits and maintenance are likely to empty your pockets.
Q. What are the documents are required for Paying Guest Accommodation in Noida?
A. Basic documents are needed for verification purposes, your Adhar card/Pan card/driving license for verification purposes and at some places, KYC formalities are also being done.
Q. What are the Best paying guest (PG) accommodation in Noida?
A. Here is a list of best Paying Guest accommodations in Noida:
Q. How is Zolo Accommodation is different from Local PG’s in Noida?
A. Zolo accommodations are far different from Local PG’s in a number of ways statedbelow:
  • You will get a clean and tidy room with a pleasant environment
  • Food won’t be an issue as we serve home-made food better than local PG’s
  • You will get fully furnished rooms with DTH, WiFi, microwave, refrigerator, etc.
  • Daily housekeeping facilities are available at Zolo PG’s
  • Not just this we organize fun nights almost every weekend.
Q. Are women PGs in Noida safe?
A. No matter where you live, safety is a point, everyone, concerns for. For the same all the Zolo properties have Biometric security, 24X7 security surveillance, and CCTV cameras.
Q. What are the best unisex PG accommodation in Noida?
A. Below is the list of best Uni-sex PG accommodation in Noida:
Q. What are some affordable/Cheap PG accommodation in Noida
A. There are ample affordable PG accommodations in Noida but if you are looking for a hassle-free stay then we have a personalized list for you:
Q. What are the Best Ladies PG Accommodation in Noida?
A. Here is the list of best ladies PG accommodation in Noida:
Q. What are the best options for luxury paying guests for working professionals in Noida
A. If you are yearning for luxury then below listed PG’s are the best option for you:
Q. Is it possible to get a single room paying guests in Noida within 8,000 rupees?
A. Yes, absolutely you can get a single sharing room with all the amenities in it that too just for Rs.8000. Not just this you can even get a select property where you can enjoy services like swimming pool, spa, gym, and gaming zone, etc.
Q. How much does a single room PG cost in Noida? Should I choose PG or rent?
A. The average cost of a single room PG in Noida is Rs.10,000. Cost of a room depends upon three factors:
Q. What are the Best Gents PG Accommodation in Noida?
A. Looking for impeccable gents PG accommodation and look for the list below and you will surely thank us later!. If you want budget-friendly accommodation then renting a Pg is better than renting a Flat. With flat, there are a lot of things that you need to manage but with PG, everything comes handy.
Q. What are the Good localities to find PG in Noida?
A. Here is the list of best localities to find PG in Noida:
Q. Which is the best pg in Sector 66 Noida?
A. Below is the list of best PG’s in Sector 66, Noida:
Q. What are the best and affordable localities for bachelors to find PG in Noida?
A. Bachelors free souls and always ready to party needs a place like that as well, below are

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