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Know Your City: Coimbatore

Coimbatore is one of the largest cities in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is one of the industrial hubs known as the textile capital of South India and the “Manchester of South India”. It is the second-largest by area in Tamil Nadu after Chennai and even considered as one of the growing cities in India.

History of Coimbatore

The reason behind the name of city Coimbatore is because a king, named Kovan ruled the area and hence it was named Kovandpur, then after multiple names, it was finally named as Coimbatore.

This city has pleasant weather with all the highly reputed educational institutions, engineering, and textile mills. With the great growing agricultural industry and textile mills, Coimbatore provides a lot of employment opportunities to job seekers to neighboring districts as well as to people all across the country. There are 25,000 small and large medium scale industries and textile mills in Coimbatore. Coimbatore is also famous for its automobiles, manufacturing of spare parts and varied engineering goods and services.

Coimbatore has a number of tourist spots that symbolize beauty and attracts a number of tourists every year across the globe. Ootacamund is a beautiful and popular tourist spot in Coimbatore. There are several amusement parks where you can have fun and enjoy weekends such as Black thunder, a water theme park near Mettupalayam which is 35kms away from Coimbatore, Maharaja theme Park, etc. There are various hopping malls and multiplexes such as Prozone Mall, Brookfields Mall, etc. There are no beautiful parks VOC Parks, Tamil Nadu University Agriculture Park, etc. Singanallur Lake is one of the popular tourist places in Coimbatore.


Mariamman festival is one of the major festivals which is celebrated in summers in Coimbatore. Koniamman temple car festival is one of the popular festivals which is celebrated every year in Coimbatore. Apart from all these, they celebrate all kinds of major festivals like Pongal, Ayudha Pooja and their religious festivals like Ramzan, Christmas, etc.

With the growing opportunities in the IT sector over here and with the well-reputed established industries, Coimbatore has a lot many opportunities for the young workforce who are planning to build up their careers. This city will give varied options to explore, be in terms of food, tourist spots, entertainment facilities, etc. So, if you are planning to move to a new city, then add Coimbatore to your list and have an amazing experience.

About Room for Rent in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, also known as the Manchester of South India, is a major industrial hub. Not only that, but Coimbatore is also becoming a major IT hub making it a sought-after city nowadays. Bachelors looking for single-room in Coimbatore find it difficult to get some privacy. Getting a private room in a PG or occupying a single-room in a shared flat are some options to get some privacy in a single-room in Coimbatore.

Best Areas to find Monthly Rental Rooms in Coimbatore

Coimbatore is relatively less crowded and there are peaceful areas that offer individuals flats in stand-alone properties. The flats offer single rooms you can occupy alone without sharing the amenities with others. Some of the best areas to find monthly rental rooms in Coimbatore are:

Bachelors and Students Rooms for Rent in Coimbatore

The pleasant climate, excellent healthcare facilities, and various communities for bachelors and students in Coimbatore. Coimbatore has emerged as the perfect retirement destination in India as well as a hub for education. If you are one of those students who are looking for a single room in Coimbatore. Here are some good suggestions.

Single Occupancy in Coimbatore for Working Professionals

Being a major hub in South India, Coimbatore attracts many working professionals who are looking for good job opportunities. While finding an individual flat isn’t difficult in Coimbatore, bachelors are taking a liking to the co-living culture where you can rent individual rooms and live a hassle-free life. So if you’re looking for PG in Coimbatore check out the below result.

Affordable Single Room on Rental basis in Coimbatore

Most single rooms in Coimbatore come at a considerably affordable price. But, if choose to live in a co-living culture, the price gets reduced even more. If you are looking for a single room in Coimbatore, here are the best options you can opt for:

FAQs - About Booking a Single Room Accommodation in

Q. How do I get a single room for rent in Coimbatore?
A. There is a lot of single room for rent but finding the right one drains your time, you can try Local vendors but there will be hygiene issues, food will be a major problem. Apart from this, you can try brokers, yeah they will ask for brokage or try your luck with a social media platform or you can go for rental apps like Zolo.
Q. How much is the rent per month for a single room in Coimbatore?
A. The rent for a single room starts @ 7500 and accelerates according to the property and the type of amenities you want and it goes till 12000.
Q. What is the best way to search for a single room in Coimbatore?
A. Follow anyone listed below and your life will become easy automatically
  • Broker
  • Social media
  • Google play store
  • IOs app store
Q. Which are the Best areas to rent single room in Coimbatore?
A. Here’s a list of the best areas to look for Single room on rent in Coimbatore:-
  • Sai baba Colony
Q. What is the condition in Coimbatore for renting single rooms for a couple stay?
A. You can get two single rooms in the same building if you are not married or else yeah we do give accommodations to married couples.
Q. Where can I find a room on rent in Coimbatore for Bachelors?
A. Search for any of the below localities and you will easily get your happy place
  • Sai baba Colony
Q. What are the documents required to rent single room occupancy in Coimbatore?
A. Below are the set of documents that you will for verification and registration purpose:
  • 1 Passport Size Photograph.
  • Any 2 ID Proofs (Aaadhar Card, Voter ID Card, Driving License).
  • In some places, KYC formalities are also being done
  • Some landlords also ask for Electricity Bill.
Q. Do I need to pay Brokerage to book room on rent from Zolo?
A. No, at Zolo we never demand brokerage
Q. How Zolo single private rooms are different from Traditional Housing?
A. Living in Zolo is altogether a new experience where you will breakthrough your sloppy mundane life.
  • Zolo properties are exclusively designed for both men and women.
  • No-Brokerage tension and Only 1-month Deposit.
  • Fully furnished rooms along with a pleasant environment.
  • Free WiFi and Parking space in all the major properties.
  • Home-made food is inclusive of rent
  • Easily manage or book your stay using Mobile.
Q. Can I book a single private room on rent from Zolostays?
A. Yes, you can easily book a single room from ZoloStays. You can use two ways for this:
  • Using the Zolo App
Q. How to find a single room for rent in Coimbatore without deposit/advance?
A. You can easily find a single room for rent, browse google and type “single room for rent in Coimbatore” or else try your luck with broker or market place else you can use Rental Apps like ZoloStays
Q. How is the life of tenant in Single room occupancy at Zolo?
A. Zolo focuses on providing homes to its residents rather than just accommodation.
  • Daily housekeeping, so no more hassle for cleaning the room.
  • Tidy rooms packed with all the amenities one can wish for.
  • No more boring and traditional rooms.
  • Watching movies and TV series with Roommates.
  • Having fun on weekends with friends.
  • Tenants can also enjoy the recreation area.
Q. How to find unisex/couples rooms for rent in Coimbatore?
A. One can easily search “unisex PG for rent in Coimbatore” or “room on rent for couples in Coimbatore” this on Google, else you can try Rental Apps like ZoloStays. You can even try brokers or market place.
Q. What are the best properties available with a swimming pool, gym or clubhouse?
A. Hi, here’s a list of best properties available with a swimming pool, gym or clubhouse:-
Q. What are the cheap/affordable areas to rent a room in Coimbatore?
A. Here’s a list of cheap/affordable areas to rent a room in Coimbatore:-
Q. How to find a single room for rent near me?
A. Following are the ways through which you can find a single room for rent easily:
  • Browse Google using keywords “room for rent near me”
  • Broker
  • Social media [Market place]
  • Google play store
  • IOS app store

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