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About Kota

Kota is a beautiful city which is located on the banks of River Chamal, Rajasthan. It is the third most populous city after the state capital, Jaipur, and Jodhpur. It serves as the administrative headquarters for the Kota division and Kota. It is one of the major hubs for competitive exam preparations and it has the highest no of medical and engineering coaching institutions.

History of Kota

Kota was under the Rajput kingdom of Bundi, was a princely state since the 17th century. Kota is also known for its beautiful palaces and gardens which reflect the glory of Rajasthan culture and heritage. Kota was ruled by Rao Deva, Chauhan Rajput conquered the territory of and won the kingdoms Bundi and Hadoti. During the early 17th century A.D Rao Ratan Singh found out the beauty of Kota and gifted to his son Madho Singh. He was made the ruler of the kingdom and since that time Kota is known as the important landmarks in the history of Rajasthan for its bravery, art, and culture. Since the prehistoric time The beautiful carvings, paintings, extravagant forts and mighty river Chambal flowing aside this town is still a major spot of attraction for tourists. Kota has now become the place for all modernization and a business center for things like chemicals, fertilizers, synthetic fibers, and many more.

The climate of Kota is semi-arid throughout the year. During summers, the temperature here is very hot with dry spells. The summer stretches from late March and stretches till the end of June. Monsoon season basically lowers down the hot temperature with frequent rain and from November the winter starts and continues till February.

The city is a well-known trade center for textiles, metal handicrafts, and many more things. It has an extensive industry of stone polishing called Kota Stone, Kota Sarees, etc. With the established and growing no of power plants and chemical industries, Kota has become a well-known trade center. Kota is the home for famous coaching centers that prepare students for engineering, medical and various competitive exams. Some of the prominent institute's names are Allen, Resonance, and Bansal, etc.

Kota is a city with an incredible combination of history, medieval culture and an industrial city. This royal city is even famous for its incredible tourism with some famous tourist spots in India. The main tourist attraction is the River Chambal, with other tourist spots such as Jag Mandir, City Fort Palace, Brij Bhawan Palace, etc.

If you are in Kota, then don't forget to taste the authentic dishes over here. The rich ingredients with the flavor give you an authentic Rajasthani taste. The combination of Dal Bati Churma is very famous in Kota.

Well, in short, Kota is a place of rich culture, art, and history with so many growing opportunities for students who are an aspirant for different various government, competitive, medical and engineering entrance exams. This place has all the modern facilities with the richness of traditions in terms of food, people and everything. So, if you want to explore Rajasthan's history and culture and planning to move to a new city, then move to Kota to create a lot of memories and have an enriching experience.

About PG in Kota

A city that is synonyms with IIT education is bound to get the attention of countless budding engineers every year. While the students learn about the student culture in Kota, they also discover the challenges of finding a good PG in Kota. Kota is flooded with countless pgs, in fact paying guests is one of the major sources of income in Kota households. It is not difficult to a pg in Kota but finding a pg with all amenities at an affordable price can be quite challenging.

Best Areas to Stay in a PG in Kota

Being in Kota, if a student is staying away from his coaching or college, it becomes difficult to manage time. This is why it is advised to stay closer to your coaching and avoid an unnecessary hassle in traveling. For those students, we’ve sorted out the list of the best areas to find PGs in Kota: Dadabadi, Vigyan Nagar, Rajeev Gandhi Nagar, Indira Nagar.

Best Areas for Students to stay as a Paying Guest In Kota

Being the third most populated city in Rajasthan, Kota is full of paying guests that are always ready to welcome new students. The only problem is these paying guests are run by individuals who charge anything between 5,000-15,000 and sometimes they don’t even provide meals. For people who are looking for the best areas to stay in a Pg and avoid any hassle, these options are life-savers:

Best Areas for Working professionals for a comfortable stay In Kota

Apart from students, Kota also attracts working professionals who are looking for jobs. Most working professionals find it difficult to find a decent pg in Kota as all the pgs are designed based on the needs of students. However, there are a few good options that can be explored by working-professionals. There are certain areas in Kota that are more suitable for working professionals, few of them are listed below:

Most Affordable PGs in Kota for Male & Female

Affordability is a major factor for students who move to Kota for their studies. Finding an affordable Pg in Kota can be very challenging, especially if you are looking for single occupancy. Kota has many options for both male and female Pgs, some of these pgs provide all the amenities and food subscriptions as well. If you looking for single occupancy Pgs in Kota, below are some good options for both males and females.

FAQs - About Booking a PG Accommodation in

Q. What is Paying Guest and does it work in Kota?
A. PG is a rental accommodation which offers you a wide range of services ranging from AC rooms to parking spaces all is inclusive of rent. Kota is home to a lot of students that make this place ideal for PGs.
Q. How do I look for PG Accommodation in Kota?
A. Looking for Paying Guest Accommodation is extremely easy, following are some of the famous ways:
  • Social media {facebook, market place}
  • Local PG’s
  • Brokers
  • Real estate forum
  • Rental apps
Q. How is the life of a Paying Guest in Kota?
A. Kota PG’s offers simple and studies lifestyle as they are filled with oodles of students. The PG’s are quiet and gives you a peaceful environment along with food, security, housekeeping, RO, etc.
Q. How is the Paying Guest (PG) facility in Kota?
A. If you are looking for Solitude then local PGs are not for you. Whereas if you will rent accommodation through Zolo you will enjoy facilities like AC rooms, WiFi, DTH, zesty food, daily housekeeping, etc. Have a happy stay!
Q. What are some Luxury/Branded PG’s in Kota?
A. Below is the list of best luxury/ branded PGs in Kota:
Q. How much does it cost to stay in a PG in Kota?
A. There are all types of PGs available in Kota, but if you are looking for a place where you can concentrate on your studies then below listed are the best PGs for you:
Q. What is the difference between PG(Paying Guest) and Flat based rent system in Kota?
A. Following are the difference between PG and Flat based rent system:
  • In PG rent is inclusive of food, WiFi, Housekeeping, etc whereas in flats you only pay for the accommodation and else is Exclusive of rent.
  • There are no high deposits in PGs, but in Flats, deposits and maintenance arelikely to empty your pockets.
Q. What are the documents required for Paying Guest Accommodation in Kota?
A. Below is the list of documents that you need to bring at the time of onboarding:
  • Adhar card/ Pan Card/ Driving license [for identity proof]
  • KYC formality
Q. What are the Best Paying Guest (PG) accommodation in Kota?
A. Here is a list of best PGs in Kota:
Q. How is Zolo Accommodation is different from Local PG’s in Kota?
A. Zolo accommodations are far different from Local PGs in a number of ways stated below:
  • You will get a clean and pleasant environment
  • Food won’t be an issue as we serve home-made food better than local PG’s
  • you will get fully furnished rooms with DTH, WiFi, microwave, refrigerator, etc.
  • Daily housekeeping facilities are available at Zolo PGs
  • Not just this, we organize fun nights almost every weekend.
Q. Are women PGs in Kota safe?
A. The safety of our residents is our prime most priority and for that, we have biometric security machines on every Zolo property in India. For more check Zolo Guideline
Q. What are some Affordable/Cheap PG accommodation in Kota
A. There are ample affordable PG accommodations in Kota but if you are looking for a PG that solves all your problems and offers you a peaceful stay.
Q. What are the Best Ladies PG Accommodation in Kota?
A. Security is always the major concern before taking a PG and below is the list of best ladies PG in Kota:
Q. What are the best options for luxury Paying Guests for working professionals in Kota
A. Here is the list of luxury Paying Guest accommodations in Kota:
Q. Is it possible to get a single room Paying Guest in Kota within 8,000 rupees?
A. Yes, absolutely you can get a single sharing room with all the amenities in it that too justfor 8000. If you are searching for single rooms in Local PGs then it’s hard to get but browse ZoloStays and you will get your desired accommodation today.
Q. How much does a single room PG cost in Kota? Should I choose PG or rent?
A. Cost of a room depends upon three factors:
  • Locality
  • Services
  • Amenities
  • The rent is inclusive of all the facilities and starts at 7000 only. For more browse ZoloStays
Q. What are the Best Gents PG Accommodation in Kota?
A. If you are looking for impeccable gents PG accommodation and look for the list below and you will surely thank us later!
Q. How much would be the cost of a single and double sharing girls Paying Guest room in Kota?
A. The cost starts @ 8000 inclusive of all the basic amenities, but its wise not to choose local PGs and instead try searching through social media, brokers or online Rental apps like ZoloStays.
Q. What are the Good localities to find PG in Kota?
A. Here is the list of best localities to find PG in Kota:
  • Vigyan Nagar
  • Anantapur
  • Mahavir Nagar
  • Poonam Colony
  • Sanjay Gandhi Nagar
Q. Which is good PG around Landmark City in Kota?
A. There is a list of PG’s in Landmark City, whose interior will blow your mind:

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